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Bedtime Story: Adventure 2019

written/read/recorded by dad for two boys (11 and 8 years old).

It's the end of term and preparation for a royal performance has taken over Patcham High School. But a plot to steal back ancient treasures, hidden for centuries beneath the Royal Pavlion, is revealed and the Green Hands Gang find themselves in the middle of another adventure. Includes mild peril, a bit of tension, dangerous badgers, magical artefacts, cantankerous crows, and a mean game of football.

This is a 24 chapter adventure story for children, with one chapter read each night of December up until Christmas. Each night the narration is recorded and published as an episode in the podcast.

Listen to the first episode:

Available from most podcast places, just go to your favourite -- e.g. itunes -- and search for 'bedtime story adventure 2019'. Alternatively, here's some links:

iphone or android or rss

Listen/download episodes 1-12

Chapter 1: the silver nib.
Chapter 2: dragon door.
Chapter 3: the crow's nest.
Chapter 4: butter up.
Chapter 5: twelfth flight.
Chapter 6: private tour.
Chapter 7: sussex heights.
Chapter 8: peregrine falcon
Chapter 9: number 8.
Chapter 10: the meeting.
Chapter 11: the plan.
Chapter 12: easy peasy.

Listen/download episodes 13-24

Chapter 13: the remedy.
Chapter 14: game time.
Chapter 15: retrieval team.
Chapter 16: pile on.
Chapter 17: the silver quill.
Chapter 18: royal guests.
Chapter 19: smoke signal.
Chapter 20: the hypocaust.
Chapter 21: merlina's mistake.
Chapter 22: jerky ride.
Chapter 23: frosty reception.
Chapter 24: chess piece.