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Bedtime Story: Adventure 2016

written/read/recorded when kids were 8 and 5 years old

There's trouble in town. The starlings have left the old pier, pigeons almost killed a squirrel in James' garden, and the king under the fort is not happy. He's actually quite grumpy. And hungry. It turns out that these events are related, and now the Green Hands Gang find themselves in the middle of a mad pigeon's plan for supremacy.

This is a 24 chapter adventure story for children, with one chapter read each night of December 2016 up until Christmas. Each night the narration was recorded and published as an episode in the podcast.

Listen to the first episode:

Available from most podcast places, just go to your favourite -- e.g. itunes -- and search for 'bedtime story adventure 2016'. Alternatively, here's some links:

iphone or android or rss

Listen/download episodes 1-12

Chapter 1: unsettled starlings.
Chapter 2: under the pier.
Chapter 3: the ambush.
Chapter 4: the telescope.
Chapter 5: rescue.
Chapter 6: the hill fort.
Chapter 7: the raffle.
Chapter 8: claudia.
Chapter 9: looking for the king.
Chapter 10: under the fort.
Chapter 11: the brass key.
Chapter 12: Squidducken.

Listen/download episodes 13-24

Chapter 13: the sewer.
Chapter 14: the rats.
Chapter 15: Lord Ratzenberg.
Chapter 16: helping hands.
Chapter 17: information gathering.
Chapter 18: two plans.
Chapter 19: badger stone.
Chapter 20: calm before the storm.
Chapter 21: rain of fire.
Chapter 22: fireworks.
Chapter 23: guilty as charged.
Chapter 24: end of one adventure.