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Bedtime Story: Adventure 2018

written/read/recorded when kids were 10 and 7 years old

There's rubbish on the streets and the rats are almost certainly up to no good. What's more, James and Jenny find themselves back at their old junior school and back in trouble with some interesting animals. The Green Hands Gang find themselves in over their heads when a powerful visitor comes looking for an old friend.

This is a 24 chapter adventure story for children, with one chapter read each night of December up until Christmas. Each night the narration is recorded and published as an episode in the podcast.

Listen to the first episode:

Available from most podcast places, just go to your favourite -- e.g. itunes -- and search for 'bedtime story adventure 2018'. Alternatively, here's some links:

iphone or android or rss

Listen/download episodes 1-12

Chapter 1: rubbish slip.
Chapter 2: easy come.
Chapter 3: strange marks.
Chapter 4: easy go.
Chapter 5: green hands.
Chapter 6: badger stone.
Chapter 7: black grape.
Chapter 8: win win?
Chapter 9: lose lose.
Chapter 10: bus tales.
Chapter 11: plus one.
Chapter 12: meles meles.

Listen/download episodes 13-24

Chapter 13: rat plotting.
Chapter 14: malachite drop.
Chapter 15: land fishing.
Chapter 16: tooth and claw.
Chapter 17: booth exeunt.
Chapter 18: roll call.
Chapter 19: cold call.
Chapter 20: old joe.
Chapter 21: the cable.
Chapter 22: smuggler's door.
Chapter 23: ratty rendezvous.
Chapter 24: new companions.