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Bedtime Story: Adventure Series

The Bedtime Story podcasts are stand-alone 24 chapter adventures with fantasy elements. Each podcast episode is one chapter long, and read out by dad (the writer/maker-upper) to his two kids. The stories are about two children in Brighton who are part of a school gang that solves mysteries involving animals that are not normal. There's some mild peril. There's also a talking badger.

This is the third year of writing/recording a story in December as a countdown to the Christmas holidays. I always mean to do some work on the stories before December actually rolls around. Here in Brighton there's a good Nanowrimo scene, so plenty of energy around during November for getting some writing done. But, it seems that there's nothing like the impending deadline of reading the story out each day to kick me into action.

Bedtime Story: Adventure 2018

written/read/recorded when the kids were 10 and 7

Urban fantasy including: rubbish, rats, poisonous snake, squirrel assassin, grumpy badgers, magical keys, spying pigeons and more...

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Bedtime Story: Adventure 2017

written/read/recorded when the kids were 9 and 6

Ancient elms, bristly hedgehog, roving foxes, magpies vs crows, grumpy badger, magical artefact, annoying teacher and more...

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Bedtime Story: Adventure 2016

written/read/recorded when the kids were 8 and 5

starlings, mad seagulls, squirrel assassin, king pigeon, lord ratzenberg, mercenary rats, squidducken key and more...

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Possibly being made available, but not properly: Stories in written format

Finished and unfinished drafts. From readable to unreadable. Nothing polished. Nothing here.

About tdlwhite

he's a person who's done some things

Some of those things have included writing stories. Lots of the things are not about stories or writing. Brighton based creator and multiple cross-genre hobbyist, Tom White lives on a windy hill and sometimes gets out of bed in the middle of the night to chase badgers out of his garden. He also has a family -- hence the bedtime stories. His family aren't badgers, but they like listening to things that are made up.

Along with the children's adventure stories, he's attempted a couple of YA adventure/mystery novels. One is fan fiction, a 'ten years later' idea that is 'complete' in a third draft state. The other is unfinished, and it is another 'ten years later'. This time it's about the characters in the Bedtime Story podcasts - the Green Hands Gang. Work needs to be done to edit the fan fic, and complete the GHG YA. Neither are quite suitable for the children. (it's a while til the boys are young adults).

He works and travels round the world doing something that he finds hard to explain succinctly and that is quite complicatedly boring. There is a chance that he doesn't even exist, although that wouldn't explain why those climbing shoes smell as bad as they do.


dirty and tired near boulders.


hanging around near Brighton.


kids looking at ants.

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Find me on insta or twitter below, or email me directly: tom@tdlwhite.com